Arctic For Lemmy

A Lemmy client for iOS

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Arctic For Lemmy is a free and native iOS client for Lemmy. In the spirit of the Fediverse, Arctic is completely free and private. No data of any kind will be collected from your device, and no pesky advertisements, Ever.

Arctic was built specifically for iOS and runs natively on pure Swift. Enjoy browsing feeds with embedded content that keeps you out of the browser, and in the app. Engage in the conversation using the rich markdown editor, and intuitive post composer

Key Features:

• No advertisements or trackers, ever
• Native support for media, photos, videos, gifs, etc
• Robust media viewer to view content in full detail
• Rich link previews in posts and comments
• Customizable swipe gestures to make navigation a breeze
• Account quick switcher, supports unlimited accounts
• Community switcher, quickly jump between communities
• Account push notifications, badges, replies, mentions, messages, reports, applications
• Community push notifications. customizable notifications for communities based on filters
• Content filters, exclude content by keyword
• Smart cache keeps browsing fast, and storage freed
• Rich markdown editor for composing new content
• Upload manager for keeping control of uploaded media
• Lemmy Explorer integration, browse Lemmy Explorer directly in the app
• Full-featured client, if you can do it on this website, you can do it in Arctic

Visit Arctic's community at to keep up with the latest changes and provide feedback.

If you would like to support Arctic’s development, feel free to Buy Me A Coffee